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Visiting Daylily Garden Etiquette


In an  approved daylily garden, a visitor can view a large number and wide variety of labeled daylilies in a well maintained garden setting. The garden setting will have a minimum of 100 different registered daylily cultivars. You will be able to obtain wonderful ideas to incorporate in your garden. As an example, like the companion plants they have used with the daylilies. Unfortunately, daylilies do not bloom year-round so the companion plants may add to the color year-round.


Garden Etiquette


  • Call ahead to make an appointment. Let the owner know when you have arrived.
  • Check with the owner about bringing children or pets. Always supervise.
  • Stay on paths; do not step into beds.
  • Do not bring large bags or purses into gardens.
  • You are welcome to take photos, but do not set tripods or umbrellas in beds without permission.
  • Do not deadhead, pick flowers or pick weeds.
  • Do not take pollen without permission.  Do not climb on rocks or other landscape features.
  • No smoking without permission.
  • Wear sturdy walking shoes, hat and sunscreen if needed.
  • Enjoy the garden!


When visiting a garden, it is best to be an early bird. The flowers show off early. Some seem to fade during the hot sun.


You may want to visit other states display gardens. Visit the site, Society, Region (to visit), Display Gardens.


Last Updated 7/21/2023